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How to become a dependable former spouse

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2020 | Firm News |

Incompatibility with your spouse led to the downfall of your marriage. Now, the next chapter has arrived in your relationship with your ex. It is finally time to be realistic and honest because a post-marriage relationship does not have to about bitterness, cruel behavior and animosity. Ongoing acrimony is not good for you, your former spouse or your children.

Now you want to be a dependable and considerate former spouse. It is up to you and doing so is possible. Some couples have better relationships after they divorce, while others continue to berate each other. You do not want to be in the latter scenario.

Maintain civility, regularly communicate about children

Here is some advice that can help you become a dependable former spouse:

  • Maintain civility with your former spouse, especially in front of the children. Ending all interaction just is not possible when you have children. Civility goes a long way, and it is crucial to avoid saying negative things about your ex in front of the children. Kids know, and kids understand.
  • Regularly communicate with your former spouse about child-related matters. Try to work together with your former spouse.
  • Maintain timely spousal support and child support payments. Pick up your children at the agreed-upon time. Do not be late. However, if you are running late, contact your former spouse and let her know via a phone call or text message.
  • Take the high road. If your former spouse belittles, taunts and attempts to shame you, do not take the bait. Try to maintain your composure.
  • Do your best to let go of any anger. In some situations, it can be difficult. Negative energy disrupts many aspects of a person’s life. In these situations, talking with a therapist may help.
  • Love your children with all your heart. Listen to them, provide them with experiences that will enlighten their lives.

Your marriage did not work out, and you want to keep those bumpy experiences in your past. Now, it is time to develop a new type of relationship with your former spouse. There will be challenges along the way, but you can succeed in becoming a dependable and forgiving former spouse.